18447137_1053543764745297_1563914173411267397_n1.jpgEvolve Together is Personal-Development and counselling specialists based in Merseyside, offering a confidential and specialised service. Become the best version of yourself, develop a master plan for life and business, while taking your skills and confidence to the next level in quick time with our highly specialised and confidential life coaching and counselling services. Our service encompasses a detailed analysis and action plan, which will deliver you the results you need so that you can spend more time with family and fit your personal-development around your busy life.

Evolve Together Personal-Development and Counselling services

Take control of your future now and book in for a free 30-minute telephone consultation! Our ultimate goal is to rewire your mindset to release what’s holding you back and live a lifestyle that will bring prosperity, emotional freedom and balance to your daily life, equipping you with the mental tools to become the person you desire and accomplish all of your goals.

Our personal development specialists and counsellors are trained in many techniques including;

CBT – Cognitive behavioural therapy
EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique
NLP – Neuro-linguistic programming
After a number of sessions, these techniques have been known to improve personal skills associated with;

  • Communication and understanding of people
  • Negotiation skills and reasoning
  • Relaxation and emotional release
  • Confidence building and charisma

Subsequently leading to an increase in job satisfaction, promotions, work-life balance, and relationship success. We believe that dedicating a concentrated amount of time to your desires each day will bring faster, more permanent results than slow paced fragmented approach. Time is precious, make a decision and dedicate the time, and we will be in your corner throughout your journey to where you want to be. See our price page for exclusive offers.

Check out our bookings page for exclusive offers.



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